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Bath Bomb Gift Set

These gift sets come with our six most popular bath bombs, nestled in natural raffia in a lovely box which you can reuse.


Our bath bombs are made with natural ingredients, including epsom salts which relax your muscles and restore your magnesium levels after a tiring day. Each one is fragranced with essential oils, which create a beautiful aroma as you wind down and enjoy a blissful bathe. 


This gift set makes a lovely gift; each bath bomb is handmade in a Nottingham kitchen. The aroma that you get when you open the box is amazing!


The bath bombs included in this gift set include:
Chocolate Orange,

Tea Tree and Lime,

Mints & Myrtle,

Fresh & Floral,

Junipers From Jupiter,



Feel free to write a note in the section above, if you'd like a message attached as a label on the box!

Bath Bomb Gift Set

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