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Hello there! Well that's flown by and what a learning curve it's been running the business since Chris left for London.

I've had a few ups and downs - it's not without stress running a business, a home and having a 'day job' too but I manage to find the time and love it.

Making our products and getting them ready can be quite relaxing and therapeutic.

Learning the online stuff has been my greatest challenge!

I still look at our products and think "WOW - I've made this" and when I'm busy making the aroma in my house is amazing!

I would love to have the time to grow the business but am more than happy to carry on as I am for now.

If you've used our products, and like them, please leave a review on the website - it makes my day!

Thank you for all your support so far.

That's all for now..... Joanne.


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