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- About Us -

Natural handmade vegan soap, Nottingham
Ingredient Commitment


At The Nottingham Soapbox, we only use natural ingredients to make our soaps. That means no synthetic fragrances, preservatives or other nasty chemicals. Our soap recipes have been carefully thought out and designed to produce soap bars which cleanse, moisturise and condition the skin - with a bubbly lather and beautiful fragrance. We're proud of the bars that we make and we hope you love them too!

Many soap makers use animal fats to add hardness and other properties to their bars, but our base recipe is vegan friendly whilst maintaining all the properties of a perfect bar of soap. Our 'Bee The Best' soap does contain natural bee honey and beeswax - because we've found that nothing quite matches up to the natural properties of those key ingredients.


We use sustainably sourced palm oil in our recipes; our supplier is RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified. The production of palm oil leads to deforestation, habitat degradation and climate change and is a global issue. Palm oil is produced in many tropical countries but mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia which account for 85% of the global production. The RSPO was founded to spread awareness of this issue and take steps towards reducing the environmental impact of palm oil production. Palm oil is great for soap, which is why so many soap makers use it, it adds hardness to bars and is hard to replace as an ingredient. We are proud to only use palm oil from an RSPO certified supplier as this ensures that the standard of production is sustainable.

About the Company


My name is Chris and I began making soaps in April, 2016. It all started out with a little curiosity. I have always shown an interest in how things are made - even the simplest of objects. I think that is the reason why I chose to study chemistry at university! One day I found myself wondering how soap was made, so I began to watch videos which explained the process and eventually I gave it a go for myself. Things escalated quickly from there and with each new batch of soap, I found myself wanting to improve. Things haven't changed much since then - I'm still learning a lot and loving it. 

From here, I hope that the company can grow. I love making soaps and I want this little project to really become something special. So, if you have any ideas for the company, the site or the soaps themselves, feel free to contact me. 

Thank you for checking out the site and if you like our soaps, please leave a review on the Facebook page!

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