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Soap Gift Box

Choose any 3 of our soaps and they will arrive packaged in one of our 100 % recyclable gift boxes - simply select your choices below. This is the perfect option if you're looking for a present! 

Our soaps are exclusively handmade with natural ingredients; a selection of base oils and essential oils, with shea butter and natural clays. We produce soaps that are beautiful on the skin, with a bubbly, conditioning lather. These bars contain the glycerine produced during saponification, which is typically removed from cheaper soaps and used in moisturising creams. So, you can be sure that your skin will feel soft and revitalised. 

Please note that all of our bars are vegan apart from 'Bee The Best' which contains natural honey and beeswax. 

For information regarding the soaps and their ingredients, please visit the individual soap pages on our 'Buy Our Soaps' section. 

Bars are all a minimum of 110g and are individually cut by hand, so they will vary in size slightly.

Soap Gift Box

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