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An Important Update

It's been a while since the last blog update, so I think it's important to have a quick summary of what's happened since then!

The past few months have mainly consisted of markets and fairs. We've attended the West Bridgford Farmers Market, Beeston Farmers Market, The Park Market and a Heritage Gala in Clay Cross. I've been making an effort to improve the look and feel of the stall so that it suits the Soapbox vibe. I'm really happy with the stall now - it has a real rustic impression with suitcases and chalkboards which matches the style of the soaps. People seem to love it too!

The suitcases which I use were found on Ebay. They were quite out of my budget range, but as soon as I saw them, I knew that I needed them for the stall. They're black leather Czechoslovakian vintage suitcases and came as a set of three. I couldn't be happier with how they add to the vibe of the stall and I now regularly receive compliments about the suitcases. It was definitely worth spending the time to find the perfect cases rather than buy them in a rush.

The markets have all been fantastic, but some are clearly better than others for the business. I have come to realise that some markets are very much food-oriented, whereas people will visit others to find nice gifts. For example, we visited the Clay Cross Heritage Gala this year and it was a great success. I think that one-off events like that really suit our soaps, as they make wonderful gifts and people like them as souvenirs. Here's a picture taken of our stall at the Gala!

Our soaps are now stock in Made In Nottingham, which is a gift shop located in the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre. This is a big step for the business, as it's the first dedicated shop to stock the soaps. It will be great to see how they sell in the store and I hope that they sell well. I think that eventually it will become necessary to sell our soaps wholesale to stockists, because there's only so much soap that I can sell myself!

I will try to keep this blog more updated, but you can catch us at local markets most weekends. Make sure to follow our social media to keep up to date!

Thanks as always.

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